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Quality Policy Statement on Cleaning Angels Yorkshire

Cleaning Angels Yorkshire are committed to providing customers with service of the highest possible standards and the highest level of quality. In order to meet this, we are continually improving processes, products and services, meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction at all times. The execution of the policy is the responsibility of all company employees, with bigger culpability residing with the Director. It is mandatory that all operative and management team recognise and accept our philosophy of quality service delivery, accepting accountability for their own yield.


  • Fully identify and obey to the needs of our customers, improving all the time’s customer satisfaction.
  • Review and observe our service methods, procedures and processes, identifying potential mistakes, inaccuracies we have made and executing the necessary actions to eliminate them.
  • Always furnish extensive staff training, promoting a ‘do it correctly first-time’ approach towards quality.
  • Forge partnerships with property management companies, landlords, building developers and major players in the Private and Public Sectors to ensure optimum business performance.
  • Attaining the highest standard of excellence in the functioning of our company.
  • Maintaining our cleaning company reputation for honesty, integrity and ensuring that this is reflected throughout the business.
  • Providing sufficient resources like detergents, high-end equipment to ensure that we can operate smoothly our cleaning services.
  • Ensuring that our quality management system provides a framework for the management and control of our activities for Customer Care, Quality, Environment and Health & Safety. It also assists in establishing and reviewing strategic objectives for the company.
  • Making sure that all Cleaning Angels Yorkshire’s policies. Methods and procedures have the full support of top management.
  • Continually monitoring and reviewing our Quality Policy to ensure that it remains relevant, effective and updated to the changing needs of our clients.
  • Continuous appraisal of our business to ensure that the quality of service we provide fully and consistently meets our customers’ expectations.
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of our quality policy comes with regular audits, reviews from management and prompt follow-ups on customer feedback.


This Quality Policy Statement is reviewed from time to time. Responsibility for compliance with this policy rests with Directors, who will continuously monitor the effectiveness of the quality policy and other associated initiatives. This Quality Policy Statement will be displayed noticeably, and access to comprehensive Quality manual explaining methods, procedures will be available on the premises for reference by any company employees.

Cleaners Responsibilities

All of our residential and commercial cleaning operatives, has the responsibility to follow and adhere to our company quality commitments and expectations. They are all required to implement and stick to the systems put in place to achieve and maintain the highest levels of cleaning service, a service that meets the client’s expectations.